S.H. MonsterArts Garuda and Effects Review


Sachiel here with another detailed SH MonsterArts review.  This time its going to cover the Garuda and effects part set in my collection.  For the uninitiated, Garuda hails from the Heisei Godzilla film, Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla II.  This set was a special Bandai web exclusive that was reportedly only made to order for fans who placed pre-orders on the Tamashi Nation website.  In any case I got my set from Tokyo Hunter, a proxy website that hunts down web exclusives for you.  I got the set for a decent price at about $40.00.  The set due to its rarity is now selling for much much more.  Is it worth it?  Read on to find out!


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X-Plus 30cm & 25CM: Minya 1968 Review


Minya or Minilla is one of those beloved characters for kids but as an adult, you may find him just silly looking and goofy. At any rate, Minya doesn't get too much attention in the toy world but more so than others like his bully Gabara. Seriously, when was the last Gabara figure released, Y-MSF? For those Minya loves, X-Plus does Minya justice in both the 30cm and 25cm form.

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X-Plus 25cm: Anguirus 1968 Review

X-Plus 25cm Anguirus internet exclusive

The 25cm Anguirus 1968 is the fourth Anguirus in X-Plus' Garage Toy line. X-Plus, is a company where you have a love / hate relationship. In one view, you love how they keep producting high quality figures but at the same time they put a big dent in your wallet. They slap you in the face again with the "internet exclusive" bonus items making it difficult and forcing completist collectors to shell out even more for a middle man. If that doesn't boil your blood, they release the same kaiju in a different scale. Anguirus is a perfect example of this where there's already an amazing 30cm figure but they produce another in the 25cm form.

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X-Plus 30cm: Titanosaurus Review

xp titano 01X-Plus has been producing several of Toho's creations, mostly from the Showa era and some of the kaiju that don't get much "toy spotlight" as others. Titanosaurus is one of those kaiju that deserves a new figure and for all those Titano-fans, your answer has finally been heard. For many Titano-fans, we never got a "movie accurate" figure until 2002 when Bandai released a 6" figure. This was a hot seller and since then Titano toys still remain scarce. For those looking for a highly detailed and deluxe figure, X-Plus hits it right on the spot.

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S.H. Monster Arts: Fire Rodan Review (Part 1)

Sachiel here with the highly anticipated Fire Rodan review. Even before I got my hands on this figure MonsterArts Fire Rodan was getting mixed reviews from other collectors and casual G-fans alike. The small size coupled by quality control issues (QC issues) have plagued this release. What are my thoughts on this? Is my own copy of MonsterArts Fire Rodan also plagued with similar QC issues? Read on to find out in this comprehensive photo review.

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S.H. MonsterArts: Mechagodzilla Review

SHMonsterArtsMechaGodzilla4 1310696237

Sachiel here with another photo review, this time for the second release in the SH MonsterArts line, Mechagodzilla. As we all know Mechagodzilla was this high-tech doppelganger of a monster to the Big G. This particular figure represents the Heisei version of Mechagodzilla, from the 1993 film Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla II. In this filmic continuity, the robot is developed by the UN's G-Force organization. Developed by reverse engineering the salvaged remains of Mecha-King Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla is a walking arsenal of a robot, complete with an assortment of different beam and missile weapons. It was the ultimate weapon designed to fight, disable and ultimately kill Godzilla. Anyways, I'm sure all this backstory is nothing new to fans here. More importantly, is SH MonsterArts Mechagodzilla worthy of adding to your collection? Read on to find out!

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S.H. MonsterArts: King Ghidorah Review


Sachiel here with another comprehensive review, this time featuring the highly anticipated SH MonsterArts King Ghidorah.  This version of King Ghidorah hails from the 1991 film Godzilla vs King Ghidorah.  As a Heisei redesign of King Ghidorah, the monster has a decidedly more menacing and serpentine look to it than its Showa counterpart.  SH MonsterArts Ghidorah is a physically large figure, actually being the largest to appear in the MonsterArts toyline to date.  This being King Ghidorah, the figure has seen an incredible amount of attention every since it was first revealed in early 2012.  The figure was officially released at major retailers in Japan and online on September 29th, 2012.  Selling at a suggested retail price of 10,290 yen, this figure, in addition to being the largest in the SH MonsterArts toyline is also the most expensive.  Online retailers have as usual been able to mark down the price to anywhere between 7500 and 8500 yen.  However, for those who live overseas like myself, shipping cost us an arm and leg usually requiring $50 extra.

After only about two weeks, this release, like the Fire Rodan release before it has been getting mixed reviews from other collectors and casual G-fans alike.   Reports of quality control issues from North American collectors have put a damper on Ghidorah’s highly anticipated arrival.  I ordered my copy of King Ghidorah from Ami Ami, arriving at my post office in just 4 days.  Since then I’ve had a chance to play around with my figure, putting it through a 3 day long photo shoot.  During shoot I’ve had a chance to explore the articulation and possible QC issues present on the figure.  Did my figure have the issues that many other collectors have voiced?  Does the figure live up to the hype and extremely high expectations of collectors and fans?  Is the figure worth your money?  Read on to find out!

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S.H. MonsterArts: Godzilla Review

 Sachiel returning here at Gforever.net with a new Godzilla figure review.  The review for SH MonsterArts Moguera was posted a few weeks ago.  This review will be the second of many reviews that will be posted here at Gforever.net.  I will be posting a comprehensive review for every figure that comes out in the SH MonsterArts line.  I hope you do enjoy reading these articles as much as I do taking the time to write and prepare the photographs for them.  This figure was purchased from Hobby Link Japan back in November of 2011.  I bought this baby during its first month of release.  As a first issue figure, it comes with the blue heat ray accessory that 2nd issue releases do not include.  You can probably still find the first release Godzilla with its heat ray accessory at most retailers online and at your local comic book shops.  For American collectors, you guys also have an advantage being that you can take advantage of the free shipping at Amazon.com where this SH MonsterArts figure and others sell for much less than other retailers.  I believe as I write this article, Godzilla still sells for $60 at Amazon.com.  Coupled with free shipping thats a steal!  Since I do reside in Canada, I don't have such luxury.

Anywho, whats the figure like?  Its positives and negatives?  Is it worthy of a buy?  Read on to find out!

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S.H. MonsterArts: Moguera Review

Sachiel here with another SH MonsterArts review.  This time its going to cover Moguera, my third Monster Arts figure in my collection.  For some odd reason I decided to skip getting Space Godzilla first.  I currently don’t have any plans to get him anytime soon.  In any case, Moguera is a great addition to any Gfan’s figure or SH MonsterArts collection.  I would have to say that it features more accessories than any other figure in the toy line.  Anyways enough of my blabbering, onwards to this comprehensive photo review.

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