X-Plus 30cm Series Sakai Yuji Modeling Collection Godzilla 1954 Standard Edition Figure & Toy Comparison Review

A quick look at the X-Plus 30cm Series Sakai Yuji Modeling Collection Godzilla 1954 standard edition comparing it with previously released '54 Godzilla figures and toys. Godzilla 1954 is from the Japanese movie, Gojira and Godzilla: King of the Monsters released in America. The standard edition features painted fins while the RIC Boy version features clear fins with the LED light up effect. This figure was released in February 2018 and is roughly 11 inches and a quarter tall and about 14" long. To date, this the most accurate representation of the 54 Shodai Goji suit to date in the form of a vinyl.  While the original price tag of $250 is a bit on the high end, those who love the original Godzilla should not skip out! As of 2018, this figure is currently sold only in Japan and you would need to find a retailer or a third party vendor to help import this figure. This figure has no articulation and acts more like a statue rather than a toy. The only drawback might be the dorsal fins as they appear to be painted spotted black rather than faded black. This is the only 1954 Godzilla figure that displays this trait. I may have to rewatch the 1954 film closely to see if this is indeed accurate.

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