X-Plus 25cm Godzilla 2016 Review (Shin Godzilla)

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IMG 6191cThe X-Plus Shin Godzilla figure came out around January 2017 in Japan. It sold for about $150. There is both a standard version and an exclusive Ric Boy version. The standard version is charcoal black with red at the seams. The Ric Boy version is purple in some spots rather than red. It’s head has purple, and so does its neck and its spikes. Also, the Ric Boy comes with two heads: one with the mouth mostly closed, and one with the mouth wide open.

We tried our own customization of the figure by placing an LED flashlight inside, and it made the red seams of the figure glow a really cool dark red color. The tail comes off, and the figure is hollow, so we got the flashlight inside by removing the tail. The effect works especially well since the figure is made of a red plastic with the charcoal black painted on top. So putting a light inside makes the red plastic glow through the cracks in the black paint.


split1080The tip of the tail on the standard figure has a lot of detail, and very much resembles the movie. The tip of the tail on the Ric Boy, however, is a uniform and clear color, and as a result the detail is not visible. The Ric Boy’s open mouth features the split jaw, two rows of teeth, and a purple interior. The Ric Boys’s spikes are also purple, but the color is quite pale. This pale color is accurate to the movie, but does not look very dramatic. Rather is looks quite washed out. Given how pale and washed out the purple paint looks on the Ric Boy version, I prefer the standard version, where the red paint is deep, vivid, and dramatic.
The figure is a statue, with perhaps a slight amount of articulation in the arms. The pose is quite nice. He is looking a little bit to the right. The teeth are very well done: detailed, numerous, and messy.

The figure is about 25 cm tall. By comparison, the Banpresto Shin Godzilla figure is a least an inch shorter. So the Banpresto is smaller and not as detailed, but the Banpresto pose is better, especially the flow of the tail. I prefer the face on the Banpresto, because its expression reminds me more of the movie. The Banpresto face looks more stoic whereas the X-Plus looks more angry.

Overall, this is an excellent figure, because of its size, detail, and superb paint. The only downside was having to ship it from Japan.

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