NECA Shin Godzilla Figure

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The NECA Shin Godzilla 6 inch figure was released in May, 2017. It retails for about $24 and should be sold in most ToysRUs stores, as well as some comic book stores. This is the first and only Shin Godzilla figure sold in the U.S. All other Shin Godzilla figures were sold in Japan.


IMG 5284cThe NECA Shin Godzilla figure is in the same scale as the Bandai Movie Monster Series 6 inch Shin Godzilla, and is an inch or so shorter than the S.H. MonsterArts (SHMA) Shin Godzilla figure. The articulation on the NECA is good but not as extensive as the SHMA. The paint on the NECA figure is very accurate to the movie, and much more accurate than the SHMA. The NECA paint is a charcoal black with red at the seams, as it is in the movie, whereas the SHMA is a splotchy dark red, with the color varying from one piece of the body to the next. The sculpture of the body is very good. Unfortunately the head on the NECA figure is too long, and the webbing in his mouth is too large and thick. Also, the red on the NECA dorsal fins is too extensive. It looks like some black was sprayed on without much care.

The tail on the Shin Godzilla NECA figure is longer than the other NECA Godzilla figures, but it is not as long as the Shin Godzilla SHMA figure. The SHMA tail has many more points of articulation, but it cannot be bent very far. In contrast, the NECA tail has about five points of articulation, but it can be bent into many more positions, including ones that closely resemble the movie. The sculpture on the SHMA tail is much more accurate than on the NECA. The NECA tail sculpture is much less defined, and its paint is blotchy. The middle of the NECA tail has a pronounced crook in it, which does not look very good. The Bandai Shin Godzilla figure also has a bend in its tail, but on the Bandai it is more subtle and looks much better.

One huge advantage of the NECA Shin Godzilla figure is that it is readily available in the U.S. and for only $24. The SHMA figure sold for five times as much, and was only sold in Japan, and is now sold out, so that buying one would cost hundreds of dollars. Given all that, the NECA is far and away the best value.

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