S.H. MonsterArts Shin Godzilla 2016 Figure Review

SHMA ShinG01S.H. MonsterArts Shin Godzilla figure was released in Japan in November 2016. It sold out extremely quickly, originally costing around $100. People are now paying from $200 to over $300 for it on ebay from second hand sellers. It was only sold in Japan, so some U.S. buyers, who expected it would also be sold in the U.S., were caught off guard.

SHMA ShinG02

It is about 7 inches tall and 16 inches long, making it taller and larger than the standard size MonsterArts figure. Like all MonsterArts figures, it has a lot of articulation. The mouth can open very wide, for example.

The sculpture is very accurate to the film. The arms are puny. The dorsal fins look excellent and very detailed. The toe nails also look great. The mouth does not close very well, though. The way it is sculpted, it is better suited to be at least a little open. Also, the teeth on the figure are not as numerous or jagged as in the movie. The tip of the tail is extremely well done, with a lot of detail. There are many bones that look like the skeletons of small creatures. It very much captures the tail in the film.

SHMA ShinG03

The painting is a disappointment, however. It is very glossy and shiny, whereas in the film Godzilla's color is much more muted and dull. In the movie, Godzilla's skin looks like black lava, with hot red lava visible at the seams. But on the figure, there is not that clear distinction between the black and the red. Instead, some sections of the figure look black and some look dark red, and the two colors alternate from one section to another. The neck is a dark red, for example, but then the chest if more black, and then the thighs are more red again. It looks okay in indoor light. The variations are more apparent in bright light. But I was hoping the paint would be more like the film, and have the red in the cracks of the skin.

The articulation on the body is very extensive and well done. The tail, though, is not as articulate as I was hoping. In the movie, Godzilla can raise his tail straight up and very high, but that cannot be done on this figure. Furthermore, the tail pops off when I do try to move it. I can pop it on again, but then it pops off again when I try to move it again. The tail on the original MonsterArts Godzilla figure is actually much more articulate.

SHMA ShinG04

One repaint of the figure has already been announced, and I would not be surprised if there are others as well in the future. The one announced is yellow, like the prototypes made for the movie. I expect there will also be one that is purple.

SHMA ShinG05

Overall it is a very good figure, but with some disappointments in the paint and the tail articulation. Check out our video review with GForever founder, Andrew Wong below for a comparison of all other released Shin Godzilla figures including the Sega, the Banpresto Ichibankuji Prize, the HG, Bandai Movie Monster Series 6", Bandai Theater Exclusive Clear Red w/ Glitter 6", Plush 3", Plush 10", and the Bandai Kaiju-Oh Series 10" figures. Please also check out the Heisenberg channel for other cool reviews from the Godzilla universe and more!

David Lightner