Godzilla 2001 NECA and S.H. MonsterArts Review & Comparison


In 2016, both NECA and S.H. MonsterArts released figures of Godzilla 2001, from the movie "Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack", or GMK for short. Both figures have their merits, and this is a good opportunity to more generally compare and contrast the NECA Godzilla figures to the S.H. MonsterArts figures.

GMK SHMAvsNeca01

The NECA figure sells for about $20, whereas the MonsterArts figure sells for $84, which is more than four times as much. The figures are about the same size, which is around six and a half inches tall. The NECA figure is hunched forward and he cannot stand straight, while the MonsterArts figure can stand more upright. The NECA has about thirty points of articulation and the MonsterArts figure has about thirty-eight.

GMK SHMAvsNeca02

What I like the most about the NECA GMK figure is the face. He has an angry expression that is very well done, with a lot of emotion. But the MonsterArts figure is more accurate to the suit used in the movie. The dorsal fins of each figure are painted noticeably different colors. The NECA is more chalky white, which is closer to the movie, while the MonsterArts fins are gray, like the rest of the figure. The shape and variable angels of the dorsal fins on the MonsterArts figures is more accurate to the movie. While the NECA fins are lined up straight, the fins on the MonsterArts figure are more bent and variable. The NECA tail is much shorter and has limited articulation. The MonsterArts figure, like all the MonsterArts Godzilla figures, has an impressively long tail with extensive articulation. One point of articulation on the NECA but absent on the MonsterArts is on the hands: the fingers can be bent inward, to make more of a closed hand. Side by side, the skin is noticeably different on the two figures: the NECA is smoother, while the MonsterArts is very bumpy. One thing that is unusual about the NECA GMK figure is that it is painted green. No other NECA Godzilla figure is green, and the MonsterArts GMK figure is gray. The green on the NECA is subtle and dark on the body, but more noticeable on the head. It looks fine on its own, but it looks a little out of place next to other Godzilla figures. The paint on the NECA GMK figure is also dull rather than glossy, which is a departure for NECA. NECA's other Godzilla figures are all noticeably glossy.

Interestingly enough, the NECA and MonsterArts figures have opposite problems: the MonsterArts figures articulation tends to be loose, with joints popping off, whereas the NECA articulation tends to be stiff, with some reports of joints breaking if forced. The problem has been getting worse in the case of MonsterArts, but better in the case of NECA. Stiff joints on a NECA figure can be moved after heating them up with a blow dryer, and reports of breaking NECA figures appear to have stopped. But MonsterArts figures continue to have very loose joints.
GMK SHMAvsNeca03

Both figures overall are well made and would be nice to own. If I could choose only one, I would choose the NECA, but of its low price and the angry expression on the face. Some people instead prefer the MonsterArtsfigure, because it is more film accurate, has a longer tail, and more articulation. We're fortunate to have both to choose from. Check out our video review with GForever founder, Andrew Wong below or at the Heisenberg channel.

David Lightner