Muto Silhouette Leak... maybe


Take these with a grain of salt.  There was a recent leak of a Bandai Godzilla figure on the web, and these images came with it.

They appear to be the companion pieces for said leak.  These are the possible silhouettes of the Mutos.  They show both forms of what we've seen briefly in both SDCC concept videos and perhaps in the trailers.

We'll have more on the toy leaks, soon.

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Snicker's Godzilla commercial


With less than three months away, it's time to kick off the marketing campaign for Legendary's upcoming Godzilla reboot film. Starting with the first commercial Snickers commercial featuring Big G himself just released an hour ago (around midnight on 2/28). Such a fun video and looking forward to seeing more of commercials like this playing tribute to the rubber suit!

Extended Version:

Source:  Horror Society
Snickers Brand

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Empire's regular cover for their newstand magazine

Empire Magazine is on a role giving us some amazing magazine covers! The one reported 2 days ago depicts a nice artisty look while this one reveals the Godzilla's latest look in all his glory! 


Source: Empire Magazine

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We finally have a relatively clear view of the big guy's face!


Source: Legendary Pictures

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Edward's Godzilla on Empire Magazine's Cover Collectible Edition

Now that's a cover! 


Source: Empire Magazine

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New Godzilla 2014 Poster

8f65c2d0-9a57-11e3-8605-8bf3c558a0d6 GZA 1SHT MAIN ONLINE DOM

Source: Yahoo Movies

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Preview of NECA, Diamond Products, and party supplies

As we get closer to March, more and more product reveals are surfacing. Check them out! 

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Diamond releases an assortment of banks, full size sculpts and half busts. Not sure if these banks will be useful as I'm sure G-Fans won't be putting much money in the banks but taking money out to keep up with the merchandise!  For the price of $25 - 30, that's a great deal for a nice sculpt. The King Ghidorah looks really cool and looking forward to seeing a full sized version. G'89 repainted as Burning G is not that great looking in my opinion and they have a Mecha-Godzilla'74 in the works as well as a bust version. 

1014103 777594048936732 446284362 n

Lot's of G'14 merchandise! Pins, bags, keychains, Neca's G'94, and a censored preview of the 12" G'14.

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More MonsterArts Battra & Mothra Larva Photos


Title says it all! While I'm tired of another Mothra Larva release, this one is by far one of the most detailed ones to date! The thread spray accessory is very neat as well. Too bad it looks like this may be the only accessory with this set. The new Battra larva is just fantastic! We don't get too many Battra Larvas so this is a great treat to the fans! Both Mothra and Battra Larvas look absolutely amazing and fresh from the screen! Really look forward to seeing them in person!

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MonsterArts Mothra & Battra Larva & Custom Wolfman figure revealed

thumb Mothra Battra LarvaWhile we can't show the new Godzilla 2014 products, we have a few surprises for 2014!

ImportMonsters reveal a MonsterArts two pack for the 1992 Heisei Mothra Larva and Battra Larva. The photos look great and very neat that there will be a thread accessory. Hopefully Battra will get some energy beams and maybe they can throw in an Egg with cargo carrier or a Cocoon.

UPDATE: After clarification, it turns out the Godzilla'62 is a figure done by CCP but the Wolfman figure is a custom sculpt. (Another neat release comes to us from CCP which features the Wolfman and an incarnation of Godzilla based off of the King-Goji'62 suit from the fan film WolfMan Vs Godzilla.) These figures look great together! Too bad it won't be a real release. 

1522304 566564636769585 184677044 n

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Godzilla (PG-13) still in post


I guess we knew it was, right?  I mean, principle photography ended just before SDCC 2013 and, the release is in May, so it makes sense that they are still working on the effects of the film.

Anyway, screenwriter Max Borstein took to Twittwer to update the lot of us on Godzilla's status.

@2014Godzilla lots of effects on a big movie like this, so still plenty to go!

He also speculated on the movie's possible rating:

[The movie is] not rated at all yet. Don't know what it will be, that's up to the MPAA, but if I had to lay odds I'd say PG-13.

So take from that what you will.

Source: Twitter, 2

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First Godzilla 2014 figure by Running Press

Image removed per Running Press Book Publishers and WB request.   2014.01.01 @ 2:57pm EST.

Another toy leak, but this time with an image!  Woohoo!  Enjoy it, folks.

Godzilla: With Light and Sound

  • 9780762454068
  • Apr 2014
  • Running Press
  • Multiple-item boxed product
  • 16pp
  • 76x51mm
  • Forthcoming
  • GEN
  • AUD$16.99, NZD$19.99

Timed to coincide with the release of Godzilla in May 2014, this kit features the legendary monster with a sixty-year history of popularity at his finest—with “fire-breathing” light and sound of his iconic roar!

Source: New South Books via Screen Crush