It Can't Be Stopped (TV Spot#1)

Hot on the heels of that Spanish TV spot, we have the American version.  MUTO!  Woohoo!

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Godzilla 2014 Spanish TV Spot (New Scenes)

G14 roar tr

MUTO1 tr

For more screenshots, please check out our very own GFAN198423's flicker page. 

Source: Warner Brother's Espana

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Another contest you won't win

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The Godzilla Premiere Fan Sweepstakes is the latest attempt by Legendary to tease me, specifically!  Okay, it's really a chance for some lucky fan to go to the LA premiere on May 8.

One grand prize winner will recieve two round-trip tickets, a hotel stay, and tickets to the movie's premiere with the cast and crew.  No word on the afterparty.

Ten runner-ups get a swag bag of Godzilla-related merchandise including a poster, t-shirts, keychain, and even a VISA gift card for more Godzilla swag!

Yes! I enetered!  I'm bitter, but not hopeless.

Source: Legendary

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SHMA Larvae on display

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The good folks at toho.seesaa went out to the Akiba showroom to see what's on display, today.  I present two new larval stage photos.

These should be available by the end of June.

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Hello Godzilla

Godzilla is back at Hot Topic, and looking a little... different.


This girls T-shirt is regularly $22.50, but is part of a store-wide 25% off sale, so it's only $16.88.  I may have already gotten one for my special lady...


The tote bag is much more reasonably priced at $4.50.  Nice to see all these renditions of the big guy on here along with the old "King of the Monsters" title.


My favorite has to be this 24x36 poster, though.  $8.50 regular, but also on sale at the moment.  You can find this poster along with others over at FYE, as well.

Source: Hot Topic

Ifukube and Godzilla: A Musical Celebration Kickstarter

Sometimes we get you the news, early.  Sometimes, we're late.  We will not discuss HOW late.  Let's just leave it at late.

This one is a bit late.  You know that Ifukube fella?  That guy that made the music that want to keep on repeat all the time?  Yeah!  Let's all back a concert dedicated to his music!

With only nine days and $6,500 to go, we might just be able to put on a concert in time for this great man's 100th birthday and Godzilla's 60th!  I can remember being dragged to the orchestra over and over on field trips as a kid.  I always hoped they would play some Godzilla music.  Time and time, again, it was a Star Wars finale.  Well, let's try and change that for a few lucky individuals.  Let's all pitch in and put on the concert we've always wanted!

Please pledge, today!

Source: Kickstarter

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Godzilla figure sale on


For today, only, is selling Godzilla figures at 40% off when you buy another figure.  This includes some of the new figures, as well.

Only the Destruction City and Atomic Roar are available for shipping, but if you can pick up in the store, the Smash and Tail Strikes are also options.  Of course, they also have a few other Bandai Creation vinyls if you've somehow missed all of those, too!


Godzilla Awakening


On May 7, Legendary Comics will release an 80-page graphic novel depicting the events of Godzilla's awakening, decades before his reappearance in Gareth Edwards's upcoming film.

'In 1954, we awakened something...'


To pave the way for Godzilla's return to the big screen, Legendary Comics proudly presents the official graphic novel Godzilla: Awakening. Today, we are excited to reveal the King of the Monsters in all his glory, as we unveil the cover featuring exclusive artwork by acclaimed Godzilla artist Arthur Adams.


This 80-page story, set decades before the film, is co-written by Max Borenstein (screenwriter of the new Godzilla) and Greg Borenstein.


Godzilla: Awakening hits comic book stores May 7, 2014…
pre-order your copy today!

The hardcover will run you $15.47 as of posting, while the Kindle edition is $9.99.

Source: Legendary

New Toy Vault Godzilla plush


Toy Vault will be releasing a new Godzilla plush for this summer's rebirth.  And you all thought they'd forgotten about that line!  Ha!

Standing 100 meters tall, weighing 60,000 metric tons, GODZILLA is nothing less than the mightiest beast on the planet! Able to spit a stream of pure radiation, heal nearly any wound, and generate a shockwave of raw nuclear energy from his body, GODZILLA’S powers make him nearly unstoppable. However, the greatest weapon in the mighty creature's arsenal is his fighting spirit - when attached or confronted, GODZILLA will not flee, he will not turn, and he will not be deterred until the opposing force is utterly obliterated!

The new plush is 15" tall and ships in May.  BBTS is taking preorders, now, at $44.99.

NECA's Fall Pacific Rim offerings


Pacific Rim may be almost a year behind us, but we still salivate over new releases from NECA.  Despite the fact that the figures often break, fail to stand, or have terrible articulation, even I still pick up the latest pieces.

First up, on the heals of the deluxe (new scale because screw consistency) Knifehead and Trespasser we just got, NECA brings us Scunner - the next kaiju to fall off your shelf in the middle of the night!

Following the success of the recently released deluxe Trespasser and Knifehead v.2 comes the next HUGE and highly requested Kaiju, Scunner!


From the epic Pacific Rim movie, Scunner is the largest of the Category IV Kaiju. Its appearance and behavior are akin to that of a bull. Broad and stocky, the two curved horns jutting out of its head act as battering rams against armored opponents like the Jaegers.


Scunner has four arms that are all poseable, along with a bendable tail and tons of detail and additional articulation.

Is Otachi not highly requested?  We have two versions, built in!  Wings and no-wings!  Do I sound bitter at this point?  Pretty sure I am...

Scunner arrives in August.


Next is an 18" Cherno Alpha.  Cherno is expected in September.

The second Jaeger to receive the 18? deluxe treatment, the massive mech Cherno Alpha features even more detail than its 7? counterpart. Created directly from the digital files used by ILM in the making of Pacific Rim, and then further detailed by our top sculptors and fabricators, Cherno looks just like it did on screen.


Loaded with detail, realistic weathering, over 20 points of articulation and LED lights in the head to re-create the effects seen in the movie. It even features sliding fists! This figure is massive and can now join the fight to save humanity alongside 18? Gipsy Danger.

Both Scunner and the 18" Cherno can be preordered from BBTS, now.  Cherno for $99.99 and Scunner for $24.99.

The latest series three NECA figures are also still available at BBTS and on NECA's eBay store.

Source: NECA, 2

Twitter Tease: King of the Monsters

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Been a little while since we had one of these, huh?

Source: Twitter & Facebook

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