Breathing Life into Godzilla, 2014

Monster Island News has a very nice article up about bringing the new Godzilla to life.  The headline wans of spoilers, but unless you didn't know that Godzilla was attacking San Francisco, you're in the clear.  Did I just spoil it for you?  Oops...


There's a bit of news that we haven't discussed, like G's new height of 355 feet or how Andy Serkis was consulted for the project.  I particularly liked the bit about Godzilla's character being something like "the last samurai."

A lone, ancient warrior that would prefer to not be part of the world if he could, but events force him to resurface.

Give it a read, as it quotes many of the other folks under Edwards's direction that did the heavy lifting in bringing us the biggest Godzilla, ever.

Source: Monster Island News

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New Imax Exclusive Poster & Japanese Trailer


Simply an amazing poster and a wonderful art piece to add to any collection. Hope to get my hands on a copy at the IMax. 

Most of the footage we've seen but there's a few new ones in here! May 16 (or 15th depending where you are) can't come soon enough! 

Sources: Total Film & Youtube

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Forums are back

Minor oversight caused some big problems.  But the forums are back online and you can post again.

In the future, please contact us via the site or on Facebook.  I will be overhauling our contact structure, soon.

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WonderCon Footage

No!  Not THAT footage.  We won't be posting the cam vid of the Hawaii scene shown at SXSW and WonderCon, which is totally awesome, by the way.  Instead, we have Gareth Edwards discussing the film.

It's about 25 minutes, but definitely worth a watch.  We don't learn a lot of very new things in here.

For Godzilla's roar, they were not able to reproduce the original means of creation with the resin, glove, and strings, but finally did happen upon something.  Mr. Edwards would not reveal the secret, as it was only revealed to him after the movie was completed!  He said it would ruin it at the time.  However, Gareth did drop the hint that many of the sounds for the creatures come from super high-def microphones played back very slowly.  The exact source of the sounds remains a mystery, for now.

There's also a great story about Gareth completely misinterpreting Cranston's character, Hal, from Malcolm in the Middle.  Why Cranston still agreed to work with the director after that, shows how forgiving the man can be!

Godzilla opens on May 16, with select theaters playing on the 15th!

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Nature has an order

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NECA 12" figure and Hallmark Ornament Update plus Fandango giveaway!

godzilla-root-1795qxi2553 1470 1Godzilla 2014 06-pkg-LEGAL-x1300

The title says it all and the Hallmark Prototype as well as the final packaging of Neca's 12" figure looks amazing! Fandango also has a little give away going on with their website. With every ticket purchased for the movie, you'll get a free download to the first track of the OST. 

Source: NECAHallmarkFandango

Entertainment Weekly Tease

hr Godzilla 231

Entertainment Weekly teases us with this fantastic battle shot!

Source: BloodyDisgusting

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New ornament and first Japanese Muto toy!

10152541 10152392601838561 5555188999218748645 nIs it the holidays already?Hallmark shows off their neat 2014 Godzilla ornament. On the other side of the Pacific, Japan shows off their first 2014 figure which appears to be the Winged Muto to go with their current Egg toys. 1013826 709354832448303 7789542478224878071 a






Source: Godzilla 3D and TKMU Facebook Groups

Extended Look


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Courage (TV Spot# 5)

See Screencaps from GFAN198423 here . Did you spot the Muto at the airport and attacking the fighter jet? 

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Neca's 12" Godzilla'14 figure (Hi-Res photos)


Here's our first look at the finished product of NECA's beautifully crafted and the most accurate figure representation of Legendary's new Godzilla 2014. Such a neat display, do the pictures remind anyone of Godzilla 1984?



More photos after the jump.

Source: Neca

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Singapore Spot - Secret

Another trailer from Warner Bros SG.  We get a rather great shot of his foot as well as a clearer shot of the diving MUTO.  Woohoo!



A couple GIFs after the jump, but this is a 12MB load, so be ready!

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