Sideshow Godzilla shown at SDCC

sideshow godzilla14 sdcc14 - 01

We're finally getting a look at the Sideshow Godzilla 2014.  Finally!   We're getting a large representation of Gareth's baby, and it looks great!

Sideshow should be releasing this beast, later this year.

sideshow godzilla14 sdcc14 - 04sideshow godzilla14 sdcc14 - 02sideshow godzilla14 sdcc14 - 03

This is the same piece that was teased a few months ago with a video and a contest I didn't win... ugh.

Godzilla PS3 Game Teaser & Magazine Page

Hmm... reminds me of Godzilla Generations on Sega Dreamcast. Cool but hopefully it's more than just a simulation game. Godzilla'94, Godzilla 2014, and Kiryu Tokyo SOS version are confirmed!

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Hit the jump for some screenshots.

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Godzilla hits PS3! (Screenshots)

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Famitsu has just released screenshots of the new Namco Godzilla game for the PS3, we mentioned.  I must say that these two screenshots above look pretty amazing!  In the other pics, you can defintiely see that the models came from the MonsterArts G'94.

Can't wait to get this.  Guess I will need to finally get myself a PS3.

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Source: Famitsu

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Bandai making Godzilla game with SHMA scans

shm godzilla header

According to the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, Bandai is using 3D scanners on their SHMA figure line as the base for models in an upcoming game.  It seems that the Godzilla game will be a fighter on the PS3 with special effects to make it look like battling models... ?  Maybe?  I'm guessing some sort of tilt-shift look or something.

The game is set to release this winter in Japan, as it's only about 40% complete at the moment.

Wait!  Here's the best news: we don't need to worry about it getting a North American publisher.  The PS3 is region-free!  Kinda... mostly.

This issue of Famitsu hits Japanese shelves on August 10 and might include a screenshot or some artwork.


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First look at Bandai vinyls in the wild


Bandai Japan is largely taking the easy way out by releasing Bandai America's cheap crap, but they are at least releasing some 6" vinyls.  We got a look at those in this photo, courtesy of Mr. Middlebrook, over on Facebook.  This is also our first look at the egg figures, which don't seem as crappy as the rest of the line.

These will be available at the end of July.


Godzilla Reborn - G2k's American sequel


SciFi Japan interviewed Michael Schlesinger about his Godzilla 2000 sequel set in Hawaii... what?

Yup!  Schlesinger wrote the script for the American version of Godzilla 2000, back in the day, but was never credited or paid.  Godzilla Reborn was to be a low-budget, $20 million sequel, produced by Columbia using Toho Studios effects artists with Godzilla fighting a volcanic, bat-like creature named Miba.  They would have used suits, like other Godzilla films, but the added budget was to get Hollywood actors and actresses like Jamie Lee Curtis.

There was a big focus on humor in the film, with a lot of banter between the characters.  This would help the audience take the monster scenes more seriously.  Schlesinger said this about his approach to the human element:

I took many of the Godzilla archetypes and turned them inside out. The lead character was a woman — a novelty right there — an L.A. TV reporter on vacation; she’s tired of doing fluff and wants to do more serious journalism. The male lead is a skirt-chasing smartass who owns the Honolulu hotel where most of the principals stay. The two of them squabble constantly — a sure sign they’re interested in each other. There’s a convention of international pipe-smoking scientists — but most of them drink, wisecrack and flirt with women. (One of them is Japanese; Miyasaka is his sidekick.) The inevitable belligerent Army general is, as noted, a Bronx Jew who peppers his dialogue with Yiddish. And the Honolulu chief of police drinks on duty because there’s never any crime. There were other characters, of course, but those were the main ones.

A Godzilla movie with Yiddish scares me, but if it's heavily influenced by Schlesinger's god, Mel Brooks, I think I can get on board.

Sadly, after a script was ready, a new head at Columbia scoffed at a $20 million movie of any kind and wouldn't even look at the script.  Toho wanted a big payment up front before allowing him to shop the script around.  Why am I not surprised?

Sorry to hear that this never made it past a draft - no art to be had!  The interview is a very interesting read and worth your time, if only to imagine Curtis on screen with the big guy, himself.

Source: SciFi Japan

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Awesome Godzilla Statue at Hakata Station in Fukuoka

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Godzilla in Fukuoka! As part of the promotion for Godzilla's Japanese premiere on June 16th at Toho Studios - why make everyone else wait until the end of July?  The statue is on display at Hakata Station.

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Source: Mainichi

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Bandai Japan Saves Us All!


Bandai Japan has come to our aid!  NECA failed us by saying they had no interest in doing a MUTO figure... WHAT?!  We have no idea whether or not we'll get an SHMA MUTO, but we finally have confirmation that Bandai Japan that we will be getting some classic Movie Monster vinyl figures from Bandai Japan!

They're only in the six-inch scale, but at least it's a classic vinyl.  How I've missed those!  They're going to be about $15 each, so... hell yeah!  No word on a female MUTO, which means it's doubtful.  But if these sell well, then we can expect more of... something.

Look forward to these in August.  Woohoo!

Political Godzillas

Hashtag Godzilla COLOR 148802 By Rick McKee The Augusta Chronicle LG

It's been a good few weeks for Godzilla.  He trounced the box office, helped Warner Bros break a billion, and has had his sequel confimed.  And while the media blitz by Legendary was, well legendary, his influence in pop culture has made its way into political cartoons.  Regardless of your political leanings, take a look and enjoy seeing the big guy stomping through the papers.

Scandalzilla COLOR 148806 By Nate Beeler The Columbus Dispatch LG

Hit the jump for another four images and the artists.

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SHMA G2014 reveal


Bluefin has released the first image of the 2014 Godzilla in the SHMA line after several days of teasing.  Still not sure when it will land, but I think July, around the time of the Japanese release, is a safe bet.

I think this will certainly top NECA's attempt.  Love seeing some color in there!  Hit the jump for a gallery of the blurry teaser shots.

Source: Bluefin

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An Ultimate Fan's Trip to the UK Premiere (Updated 5/22)

london 12

20140511 080605

Introduction by Hesei: Last week, I proudly announced that GForever founder, Andrew Wong, won the Utimate Godzilla Fan Contest from Warner Brothers, Legendary, and The Nerdist.  Well, I finally have his account of the experience, and his apologies for the delay.  Public WiFi connection wasn't readily available nor strong, so expect better photos, soon.  For now, hit the read more button below to GForever's account of what we've all been dreaming of.

A short message from GForever: Thanks everyone who voted for me and an enormous thank you to WB, Legendary, and for selecting me and providing such a wonderful experience!! Also wanted to thank Gareth and Thomas for taking the time to meet with the 3 winners and I. Finally, want to thank Ben & Carl for organizing the flight & hotel as well as my family for their support.

As Gareth pointed out, this is not only Godzilla's 60th anniversary, but it is also the "rebirth" year of the horse and this movie lives up to that title! This is the Godzilla movie of our times! Now that I am back in Boston with a proper internet connection, my Red Carpet coverage has been updated with new content as well as more photos and now VIDEOS! Godzilla Forever!

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GForever is the Ultimate Godzilla Fan

Isn't that a great video?!  Our founder, Andrew "GForever" Wong, has been recognized as the Ultimate Godzilla Fan by Warner Bros and Legendary.  We are sending letters out to other fansites, retailers, and the UN for official recognition and sponsorship deals... kidding.

So Andrew has everything set and will be on his way to London, this Saturday!  He will go to the premiere of Godzilla on Sunday, and get a few (very few) minutes to speak with God Gareth Edwards.

We're working out what to ask Mr. Edwards, now.  Personally, I want to know what he orders at McDonald's... or his sandwich of choice.

Congratulations to Andrew and plus one!  You lucky little...  I tried to go along, too, but Andrew said he didn't feel that way about me.

Andrew will fill you in on his trip and impressions of the film, soon.  Have a great time, dude, and safe travels!

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