Bandai Japan Saves Us All!


Bandai Japan has come to our aid!  NECA failed us by saying they had no interest in doing a MUTO figure... WHAT?!  We have no idea whether or not we'll get an SHMA MUTO, but we finally have confirmation that Bandai Japan that we will be getting some classic Movie Monster vinyl figures from Bandai Japan!

They're only in the six-inch scale, but at least it's a classic vinyl.  How I've missed those!  They're going to be about $15 each, so... hell yeah!  No word on a female MUTO, which means it's doubtful.  But if these sell well, then we can expect more of... something.

Look forward to these in August.  Woohoo!

Political Godzillas

Hashtag Godzilla COLOR 148802 By Rick McKee The Augusta Chronicle LG

It's been a good few weeks for Godzilla.  He trounced the box office, helped Warner Bros break a billion, and has had his sequel confimed.  And while the media blitz by Legendary was, well legendary, his influence in pop culture has made its way into political cartoons.  Regardless of your political leanings, take a look and enjoy seeing the big guy stomping through the papers.

Scandalzilla COLOR 148806 By Nate Beeler The Columbus Dispatch LG

Hit the jump for another four images and the artists.

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SHMA G2014 reveal


Bluefin has released the first image of the 2014 Godzilla in the SHMA line after several days of teasing.  Still not sure when it will land, but I think July, around the time of the Japanese release, is a safe bet.

I think this will certainly top NECA's attempt.  Love seeing some color in there!  Hit the jump for a gallery of the blurry teaser shots.

Source: Bluefin

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An Ultimate Fan's Trip to the UK Premiere (Updated 5/22)

london 12

20140511 080605

Introduction by Hesei: Last week, I proudly announced that GForever founder, Andrew Wong, won the Utimate Godzilla Fan Contest from Warner Brothers, Legendary, and The Nerdist.  Well, I finally have his account of the experience, and his apologies for the delay.  Public WiFi connection wasn't readily available nor strong, so expect better photos, soon.  For now, hit the read more button below to GForever's account of what we've all been dreaming of.

A short message from GForever: Thanks everyone who voted for me and an enormous thank you to WB, Legendary, and for selecting me and providing such a wonderful experience!! Also wanted to thank Gareth and Thomas for taking the time to meet with the 3 winners and I. Finally, want to thank Ben & Carl for organizing the flight & hotel as well as my family for their support.

As Gareth pointed out, this is not only Godzilla's 60th anniversary, but it is also the "rebirth" year of the horse and this movie lives up to that title! This is the Godzilla movie of our times! Now that I am back in Boston with a proper internet connection, my Red Carpet coverage has been updated with new content as well as more photos and now VIDEOS! Godzilla Forever!

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GForever is the Ultimate Godzilla Fan

Isn't that a great video?!  Our founder, Andrew "GForever" Wong, has been recognized as the Ultimate Godzilla Fan by Warner Bros and Legendary.  We are sending letters out to other fansites, retailers, and the UN for official recognition and sponsorship deals... kidding.

So Andrew has everything set and will be on his way to London, this Saturday!  He will go to the premiere of Godzilla on Sunday, and get a few (very few) minutes to speak with God Gareth Edwards.

We're working out what to ask Mr. Edwards, now.  Personally, I want to know what he orders at McDonald's... or his sandwich of choice.

Congratulations to Andrew and plus one!  You lucky little...  I tried to go along, too, but Andrew said he didn't feel that way about me.

Andrew will fill you in on his trip and impressions of the film, soon.  Have a great time, dude, and safe travels!

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G2014 High Grades


Well,  I must say that I'm surprised we get word of this before a standard vinyl.  Will we even get one at this point?

So we'll be seeing a few new High Grade pieces from Bandai Japan , this August.  Only real info I've found on this is that he'll be 100mm from toe to tail tip and the price: 300 yen.  So just under four inches and $3.

No word on whether or not these will be manufactured to the quality of old, or if this will be like the 50th Anniversary crap-storm.

Source: Timeless Dimension 0 Blog

Get a good look at Godzilla... in a car ad

I just... *sigh*

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Godzilla 2014 hi-res image dump


Screen Crush (how appropriate) has unleashed the latest round of hi-res stills from Legendary.  It's pretty glorious.  Full gallery after the jump.

Source: Screen Crush

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Wondercon Edwards interview by ShowbizJunkies

SHowbizJunkies has uploaded a WonderCon interview with director, Gareth Edwards.  We don't hear anything new, but there is a little more info on how they came up with the final size for Godzilla.  We already knew about them wanting G to be both omnipresent and able to hide in the city, but not exacttlt how they came up with it.  Though, I guess it wasn't too hard to figure out...

The filmmakers had a model of the city and model of Godzilla in the computer.  They scaled Godzilla at varying sizes and had him do his thing in the city.  They viewed it from multiple angles at each scale and picked the one that fit best.  Pretty cool!

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IMAX poster contest finalists

WINNER - Jim Viola

The winner of the IMAX Godzilla poster contest has been announced.  The honor goes to Jim Viola for this lovely piece to the right.

Mr. Viola has won a trip to the LA premiere of Godzilla... lucky...

You can see the other entries after the jump.

Source: Facebook

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Forums are up... still

You may have gotten an error when trying to load the forums, recently... or not!  The database went down for about three-four minutes, recently, when our host made some changes on the back end.

The forums worked, except for the forum index, which errored at just the right time to cause a cache issue.  Sorry for the mixup.  We're up and running again, though.

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Let Them Fight, Asia Trailer

A MUTO-centric trailer for Asia!  Woohoo!

We get a better look at the beast this time around, as well as a chill-inducing line about Godzilla.  This movie is going to be quite the thrill!

Godzilla opens May 15... It's so close!

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