X-Plus Gigantic series coming for your cash

gig gmk

Well, I give up.  You win, X-Plus.  You win.

XPJ has announced a new figure and scale in their upcoming GMK Godzilla.  This fella is 37.5cm tall and 78cm long.  That's just under 15 by 31 inches!

You might recognize this bad boy from a 2005 resin kit by Kaibutsuya.  That came in at 32,000 yen, or around $330.  This X-Plus piece comes in around the same price, but in already-completed, vinyl glory.

AmiAmi is currently listing this for 10% off at just over $300, so pre-order while you can.  If you want the exclusive version, you'll have to pay 34,650 yen to get the web-only Godzilla dropping heart.

Check out the full gallery, after the jump.

Source: X-Plus Japan

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Godzilla fan-made poster makes us wish it's another leak

godzilla 2014   theatrical poster by camw1n-d6q0qf9

godzilla  2014  teaser poster by camw1n-d5z6es5

Another leak?!  Not this time.  This image started making the rounds on social media sites as another leaked poster, but it apparently is fan-made.  This comes from fan-poster enthusiast, Cameron "CAMW1N" of DeviantArt.

You can see another one of his pieces to the left.  It's a compilation of art from fan-favorite, CheungChungTat and another poster by TinyButDeadly.

Still, apart from the tag line, I'm all in!

Source: DeviantArt

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Back online and about trailer pulls

We are back up and running!  Despite what you may think, we were not DDOS-ed by Legendary for hosting those leaks.  It was purely coincidental.

As to the trailer leaks, we did indeed host them for a while, but decided to pull them.  We did not do so in response to a threat or request by Legendary, though the idea of one was taken into account, but because these were, indeed, leaks.  Certainly the second one!

I would personally like to host the SDCC teaser, but all of us have agreed to respect the wishes of Legendary and the Godzilla crew.  We will wait for an official trailer to host.  This film is their baby, and they have the right to show it to us when they feel it is not only ready, but when it properly represents the movie they're making.

I know we're all anxious to see a trailer, but please try to be patient.  If you can't, they are still in the cloud, somewhere, but understand that they may not represent what we'll be getting on May 16, 2014.  Please do not ask us where to find these videos or to host them, again, as we will refuse to help you with either.

As a result of this experience and decision, we will also work on a new policy when it comes to leaked content, such as this.  We're open to any suggestions or comments as well, so go ahead and post in the forum if you have anything to add.

Anyway, we're up and running again.  Please let us know if you experience any other issues.

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Legendary Pictures Godzilla SDCC teaser leaked

1074484 608067352557006 1270895266 o

Update: We have removed the SDCC teaser and subsequent trailer leaks as a courtesy to Legendary and the Godzilla crew.  We hope to host a trailer they feel represents their vision of the film and is ready to be shown to the wider public, soon.  We will continue to publish this synopsis of the trailer that was previously only shown at SDCC in 2012, and again in 2013.  Stay strong, guys.  We're all crossing our fingers for a trailer by December.

A little more than a year ago Legendary Pictures and Warner Brothers released the now infamous San Diego Comic Con Godzilla teaser trailer to audiences and other attendees at San Diego Comic Con 2012.  Unfortunately, with little more than a brief cell phone picture taken of Godzilla's silhouette the trailer was never made public outside of the convention until now.

14 months after the trailer was first unveiled at San Diego Comic Con, it has finally appeared online.  Much has been said about this teaser trailer over the last year, and in my opinion, it definitely delivers.  The stark images of urban destruction along with a monologued audio excerpt from Robert Oppenheimer, himself, gives the trailer an intensely ominous and foreboding atmosphere.  I really like it.  What follows is a summary of my observations from the trailer and more!

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Hotlinking: it's cool with us!

Anyone that has encountered me on various boards knows my disdain for limiting an open web.  I will rant and rave until the mods threaten me about freedom of access, of information, and on traffic-shaping policies.  Any limits on an open web are generally detrimental, in my mind.

One of those limitations is often imposed by websites, themselves: hotlinking.  Websites will go so far as to disable right-clicking in attempts to prevent it.  After that, they serve up a generic image, shaming you for hotlinking and stealing their bandwidth.

While I can undertand doing this to protect content, I feel the bandwidth issue is no longer a concern.  As long as you credit the source host, I feel pretty cool about it... only, that's a real pain in the butt, so I've done that for you!

Rather than preventing hotlinking, I say, "Go for it!"


On the left, you see the image as it will be displayed on the site.  To the right, you see what happens when you hotlink... we just get the credit.  That's okay, right?  The watermark shouldn't ever be any larger than this.

The only hotlinking that currently doesn't work is for forum attachments.  Due to the way the board handles images, I am unable to implement the system.  The other reason it has been disabled all this time is that rather than the server just handing over the image when it's an attachment, the board software has to run, query the database, and then hand over the file.  So it really would slow us down if that was always allowed.  At least you don't have to register to download attachments, though!

So hotlink away!  I hope you can appreciate why we're doing this.  I and everyone involved with this site would like to see it continue to grow.  So any way we can spread the word without being irritating is on the table.

As usual, let me know if you encounter any bugs or issues... I'm expecting a few.

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Own Pacific Rim... today?


That's right!  Pacific Rim is available for digital download, today!  Get it from... everywhere.

The physical version still won't land until October 15, though.

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GForever is on "The MyFace"


We've finally jumped on the social media bandwagon and gotten a Facebook page.  Luckily, we managed to steer clear of Twitter, but I don't know how much longer we'll last...

We'll post links to our latest reviews or articles here along with interesting threads and photos.

So, shamless plug, but please pop on over and give us one of them-there "Likes" if you feel so inclined.



Facebook!  Yay?!

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Pacific Rim holds another convoluted honor

964890 515290395203929 1526073169 o

Cinema Blend has an article detailing the important status of Pacific Rim's over $400 million worldide box office earnings.  Of the top ten highest-grossing movies of 2013, while Pacific Rim sits at number ten, it was the higehsest grossing live-action, original film of the year.  Woo-hoo?

So, of the other nine films, eight were sequels, re-hashes, or based on an existing IP.  The only other original film in the lot was The Croods, and that was animated.

So, at least this is another honor that we can bestow on Pacific Rim, alongside its "not-a-flop" worldwide gross.  Make sure you get your copy of the film legally on October 15.  Physical and digital sales will play a big role in whether or not we have a chance at a sequel, here!

Source: Cinema Blend

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More X-Plus Spacegodzilla

pic 41

X-Plus posted some slightly larger images of their upcoming Spacegodzilla on their blog.  It looks like the exclusive variant will have shoulders that light up along with Spacegodzilla's crest.  It's still slated for the end of October or early November, so get your pre-orders in!

pic 31pic 51pic 61pic 110pic 22

Source: X-Plus Blog

Godzilla documentary planned for 2014

Godzilla & Hiroshima: The Dawn of the Kaiju Eiga is a new 90-minute documentary by Spanish director, Jonathan Bellés.  The budget is limited, but the scope looks to be great.  Bellés will travel around the world for interviews and location for his doctoral project.  He'll cover not just Godzilla, but other kaiju eiga including Gamera and Ultraman.

You can expect this sometime next summer, hopefully before the new film!  In the meantime, feast your eyes on this fantastic trailer!

Source: Producciones 451 via Truly Disturbing

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X-Plus Spacegodzilla - painted, this time

spacegodzilla 30 06

That didn't take long, did it?  X-Plus has updated their Spacegodzilla listing with images of the final or near-final paint scheme.  Certainly much sooner than the "few feeks" I mentioned, the other day.

At just under 14 inches tall and over 16 inches long, this is one of the largest Spacegodzillas to come out in nearly a decade.  He's set to arrive at the end of October as part of the 30cm line, so expect a big, beautiful box like so many others.

According to Google's machine-tanslation, the web-exclusive variant will include an "emission gimmick."  I guess that's just an LED?  He'll run a few thousand yen higher than the standard version, at 21,000 JPY.

spacegodzilla 30 04spacegodzilla 30 01spacegodzilla 30 02spacegodzilla 30 03spacegodzilla 30 05

Source: X-Plus

Interviews reveal more about Godzilla 2014


Comic-con may have been in July, but some new video interviews have surfaced.  Really, why hold onto these for so long?

Elizabeth Olsen and Bryan Cranston were interviewed by Brazillian entertainment site, Omelete.  They focussed on the characters and their roles in the film.  Olsen and our new hero, Gareth Edwards, also spoke with Empire Australia about the big guy, himself.

Olsen's character is named Elle Brody, a nurse and mother trying to understand what is happening while working to keep her child safe.  She is also the wife of Aaron Taylor Johnson's character.  IMDb has him listed as "Ford."

Cranston plays a scientist, as we already knew.  He begins investigating some sonar abnormalities while in Japan "when all hell breaks loose."

Gareth Edwards explains Godzilla's role in the film at first as "the punishment," which he feels is necessary.  He clarifies by calling him the anti-hero.  And while we have been aware of other kaiju appearing alongside the king, Edwards did say that he will have company on big screen.

Speaking of screens, Olsen reiterated what we've often heard before: they did very little with green screen.  Most of the shooting was on set in real environments.  That really helped the process.

You can see both videos below, the first is with Edwards and Olsen...

and the second is Cranston and Olsen.  You can find rough translations of the question cards below.

  1. Talk a little bit about your character and the film.
  2. Will this movie will [erase the] trauma of the last Godzilla?
  3. What are the themes of the film?
  4. Did you work with much green screen?
  5. Tell us a little about your character.

Source: Omelete & Empire Australia

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