Kaiju Vs Mecha themed Anime Boston Convention for 2015!

Hey guys, how cool would it be to see the Godzilla suit actors at Anime Boston, the largest Anime Convention in the Northeast? Please show your support by sharing the Facebook post below with your Anime/Kaiju/Mecha Fan friends and family in the Northeast. Please also help by liking and commenting on why you it would be important to invite the Godzilla suit actors as guests to the Kaiju vs Mecha themed convention? Thank you! -GForever

GForever Anime Boston banner




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Toho's Godzilla returns in 2016!

10847187 1512661878990873 3684805526299078037 oShocking news was announced over the weekend. Seeing the global popularity of Godzilla has increased from the 2014 Hollywood film, several Toho staff had been meeting for the past few months in what has been called Goji-Con (aka Godzilla Conferences) and just yesterday, Toho gives the green light to produce a new Godzilla movie separate from the Legendary universe. This will be the first Japanese Godzilla movie in 12 years since Godzilla Final Wars. Producting will start in summer of 2015 and the new film is expected to be released in 2016, 2 years before Legendary's 2018 sequel. To further stir up confidence, Toho proclaims that"The time has come to make a film that will not bow down to the Hollywood film". This is exciting news and hopefully they will have enough creative minds and funding to back up this statement. How do you feel with the Japanese Godzilla's return? Jump into the discussion board and share your feelings.

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NOTE: I have been super busy with graduate school so wanted to appologize for the lack of updates.  Please check out our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/gforever 

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Source: Official Godzilla website: http://godzilla.jp/news/1029/
Official Godzilla Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/godzilla.jp
August Ragone's blog: http://www.augustragone.blogspot.com/2014/12/the-japanese-godzilla-will-rise-again.html
Anime News Network: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-12-07/toho-makes-1st-japanese-godzilla-film-in-12-years/.81876

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Godzilla Summit @ Chiller Theater in New Jersey!

GF chiller
If you're in the East Coast, you don't want to miss this first ever special G-5 Godzilla Summit Event at Chiller Theater from October 24 - 26, 2014. All three Godzillas, suit actors Haruo Nakajima (Showa Godzilla), Kenpachiro Satsuma (Heisei Godzilla), and Tsutomu Kitagawa (Millenium Godzilla) will be in the house along with two of the world's greatest Sci-Fi artists, Shinji Nishikawa and Bob Eggleton plus yours truly (Andrew Wong aka GForever) will be in attendance as well on Saturday. See you there! For tickets and more info about the Chiller Theater Horror & Sci-Fi Convention, please check out their website here: www.chillertheatre.com/


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Near LA, come to Son of Monsterpalooza!

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Three amazing guys will be in Burbank, Los Angeles, CA this weekend for SON OF MONSTERPALOOZA! 2 Godzillas! Ken Satsuma and Tsutomu Kitagawa! Along with amazing Artist Shinji Nishikawa on his first con appearance here! If you are in the area, come meet these awesome fellas!
For more info, please check out the Monsterpalooza website!

10347616 10152377060201134 3334790463952633589 n10496146 10152372691941134 46509442972883979 o

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Bandai USA 6.5" Godzilla 2014, SHMA Mecha-King Ghidorah, 24K Gold Godzilla, Toynami Shogun Godzilla'64, NECA Otachi and Godzilla'84 reveal plus Diamond Minimates update

10481651 10152348510728800 3073892433632699193 o

10540418 264281107103215 7013607775855937784 nBeen a little behind on the toy news but this year is quite the year to add to your collection. First up (possible leak), Bandai USA has a new Godzilla 2014 vinyl in the 6.5 series. My source mentions a mystery monster is in the works if approval goes through. *Cough Muto? cough * Release date is said to be September 2014. 

Not from my childhood but those from the 70s / 80s will re-live their childhood with Toynami's MosuGoji update on the classic Shogun Warriors Godzilla. It contains the shooting fists and I assume the tongue/fire effect. 

Mecha-King Ghidorah joins the S.H. MonsterArts line in February 2015 and he is looking spectacular! MKG is one of the last Heisei kaijus left in the Heisei universe. Will Rose Biollante, regular Rodan, Godzillasaurus, Baby Godzilla, and the Dorats see the day of light? Only time can tell but I'm ready for a SHMA Orga and Megaguirus.

Got 1.5 million to spare? Celebrating 60 years of Godzilla comes this 24K gold Godzilla. What an amazing piece. It appears to be the X-Plus 25cm Godzilla 1989 figure however this has not been confirmed.

NECA reveals their Godzilla 1984, Scaler figure, and the packaging for Godzilla 1994. The packaging appears to be using the 1954 Bandai USA figure which is rather odd than using a photo of the original Godzilla. Now on to the 1984 Godzilla... what the heck happened!? Whoever at NECA and Toho who approved this sculpt should be fired.... It looks nothing like Godzilla... Such a disappointment on an highly anticipated release from fans. 

10556445 811362475554576 8841899076896023913 n

However it looks like NECA redeems themselves with their new Otachi figure coming in November 2014. This figure nails all the details of the highly sought after Kaiju which for some reason did not get any figure or statue representation til now. NECA also an 18" Cherno Alpha, a new 18" Gypsy Danger with plasma cannon, non Battle Damage Knifehead, plus Jaegars and Kaijus from the opening sequence from the movie at SDCC.

Diamond also has added Jet Jaguar, Mecha Godzilla, and Hedorah to their Minimates box set. Looks like Godzilla gets a blue flame and is black instead of green. 


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Sources: Importing Monsters
Matt Frank's Page
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Todd Cheezyspam Strickland on Godzilla 2014 Merchandise Group


Sideshow Godzilla shown at SDCC

sideshow godzilla14 sdcc14 - 01

We're finally getting a look at the Sideshow Godzilla 2014.  Finally!   We're getting a large representation of Gareth's baby, and it looks great!

Sideshow should be releasing this beast, later this year.

sideshow godzilla14 sdcc14 - 04sideshow godzilla14 sdcc14 - 02sideshow godzilla14 sdcc14 - 03

This is the same piece that was teased a few months ago with a video and a contest I didn't win... ugh.

Godzilla PS3 Game Teaser & Magazine Page

Hmm... reminds me of Godzilla Generations on Sega Dreamcast. Cool but hopefully it's more than just a simulation game. Godzilla'94, Godzilla 2014, and Kiryu Tokyo SOS version are confirmed!

10446132 10204043611547886 4199956004511234225 o

Hit the jump for some screenshots.

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Godzilla hits PS3! (Screenshots)

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Famitsu has just released screenshots of the new Namco Godzilla game for the PS3, we mentioned.  I must say that these two screenshots above look pretty amazing!  In the other pics, you can defintiely see that the models came from the MonsterArts G'94.

Can't wait to get this.  Guess I will need to finally get myself a PS3.

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Source: Famitsu

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Bandai making Godzilla game with SHMA scans

shm godzilla header

According to the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, Bandai is using 3D scanners on their SHMA figure line as the base for models in an upcoming game.  It seems that the Godzilla game will be a fighter on the PS3 with special effects to make it look like battling models... ?  Maybe?  I'm guessing some sort of tilt-shift look or something.

The game is set to release this winter in Japan, as it's only about 40% complete at the moment.

Wait!  Here's the best news: we don't need to worry about it getting a North American publisher.  The PS3 is region-free!  Kinda... mostly.

This issue of Famitsu hits Japanese shelves on August 10 and might include a screenshot or some artwork.


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First look at Bandai vinyls in the wild


Bandai Japan is largely taking the easy way out by releasing Bandai America's cheap crap, but they are at least releasing some 6" vinyls.  We got a look at those in this photo, courtesy of Mr. Middlebrook, over on Facebook.  This is also our first look at the egg figures, which don't seem as crappy as the rest of the line.

These will be available at the end of July.


Godzilla Reborn - G2k's American sequel


SciFi Japan interviewed Michael Schlesinger about his Godzilla 2000 sequel set in Hawaii... what?

Yup!  Schlesinger wrote the script for the American version of Godzilla 2000, back in the day, but was never credited or paid.  Godzilla Reborn was to be a low-budget, $20 million sequel, produced by Columbia using Toho Studios effects artists with Godzilla fighting a volcanic, bat-like creature named Miba.  They would have used suits, like other Godzilla films, but the added budget was to get Hollywood actors and actresses like Jamie Lee Curtis.

There was a big focus on humor in the film, with a lot of banter between the characters.  This would help the audience take the monster scenes more seriously.  Schlesinger said this about his approach to the human element:

I took many of the Godzilla archetypes and turned them inside out. The lead character was a woman — a novelty right there — an L.A. TV reporter on vacation; she’s tired of doing fluff and wants to do more serious journalism. The male lead is a skirt-chasing smartass who owns the Honolulu hotel where most of the principals stay. The two of them squabble constantly — a sure sign they’re interested in each other. There’s a convention of international pipe-smoking scientists — but most of them drink, wisecrack and flirt with women. (One of them is Japanese; Miyasaka is his sidekick.) The inevitable belligerent Army general is, as noted, a Bronx Jew who peppers his dialogue with Yiddish. And the Honolulu chief of police drinks on duty because there’s never any crime. There were other characters, of course, but those were the main ones.

A Godzilla movie with Yiddish scares me, but if it's heavily influenced by Schlesinger's god, Mel Brooks, I think I can get on board.

Sadly, after a script was ready, a new head at Columbia scoffed at a $20 million movie of any kind and wouldn't even look at the script.  Toho wanted a big payment up front before allowing him to shop the script around.  Why am I not surprised?

Sorry to hear that this never made it past a draft - no art to be had!  The interview is a very interesting read and worth your time, if only to imagine Curtis on screen with the big guy, himself.

Source: SciFi Japan

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Awesome Godzilla Statue at Hakata Station in Fukuoka

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Godzilla in Fukuoka! As part of the promotion for Godzilla's Japanese premiere on June 16th at Toho Studios - why make everyone else wait until the end of July?  The statue is on display at Hakata Station.

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Source: Mainichi

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