Godzilla Resurgence to be distributed to more than 100 countries gaining US Theatrical Release by Funimation

As we get closer to the release date of the latest Godzilla film, Shin Godzilla in Japan and accross Asia, some major and exciting news was revealed by August Ragone, our well known Godzilla Friend and author of Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters. 

Toho held another press conference for the film and announced that Godzilla Resurgence will be distributed to 100 countries around the world as of July 19th. More sales are pending. This would make Godzilla Resurgence being Toho's greatest global distribution of any film of all time. The Asian countries will be the first  to receive theatrical release dates starting with Taiwan, first up on August 12, Philippines on August 24, Hong Kong and Macao on August 25, and Thailand on September 8th. Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America are all on the list.

Just minutes ago, another one of our good Godzilla friends, Keith Aiken at Sci-Fi Japan has announced that Funimation Entertainment, has received the license for American distributor. This includes rights to theatrical, home entertainment, video on demand and broadcast rights for North America, Central America and South America. Funimation will make an announcement and provide more details at the San Diego Comic-Con convention.

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Shin-Godzilla trailer up!

5-560x600The Japanese GODZILLA is back and returning to the dark terrifying roots of the original 1954 film. Less than 24 hours ago, Toho released their first trailer for their upcoming Godzilla film. This is the first Godzilla film produced by Toho since 2004’s Godzilla: Final Wars. Filmmakers Hideaki Anno (Neon Genesis Evangelion) and Shinji Higuchi (Attack on Titan live-action) are co-directing the film which was done last summer. Anno wrote the screenplay for the film while Higuchi oversaw the special effects.

Toho will be utilizing CGI technology for this film and moving forward with a very unique mutilated design which has stirred the fandom. Higuchi calls it the “most terrifying” version of Godzilla to date and as a Godzilla fan seeing this design, I have to agree with him! The flesh on his arms is all gone, the tip of his tail seems to reveal bone, and his face is burnt to a crisp. It is also interesting to see the full shot with an extra long tail and this Godzilla is the biggest yet, trumping the 2014 Godzilla at 118.5 meters tall or about 338 feet. The filmmakers are pushing the film into away from the happier installments, citing that "the world has lost its innocence after the various terrorist attacks and natural disasters over the past few years". 

Additionally, on April 1, Toho's official webpage and Twitter posted artwork and a promotional campaign for Godzilla X Evagelion. Since Anno has worked on both, what does this mean? Is this the call to Legendary's Godzilla Vs. King Kong in 2020? Initially the fandom thought this was a clever April fools joke but the announcement of Anno working on Godzilla 2016 was also on April 1. There are official T-Shirts, keychains, and misc items that depict Godzilla's fins and each other's footprints. Only time will tell if this is just a promotional stunt for the 2016 film or if we may get a featured animated or live action film. 

Also to note Godzilla and Evangelion, along with Ultraman, have also been teased participants in the game Kyoei Toshi (City Shrouded in Shadow). More news to follow! 

logomainvisual2140bbc4d5bf9b5b211ae932c7c2be4c1459457469 full


Source: Toho Movie Channel Official Youtube feed
Images from Cinematoday.jp 
G vs EVA info: Toho Website

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Monster Mania 2016


The MonsterMania Convention will take place this weekend starting March 11 - 13 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill New Jersey. Ken Satsuma who played the Heisei Godzilla, Hedorah, and Gigan as well as Mizuho Yoshida who played the GMK Godzilla, Dagarah from Mothra 2, and Legion from Gamera 2 will be in attendance. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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Godzilla Resurgence, Shin Godzilla revealed!

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First off, for those who stopped in to the website earlier this morning, I would like to appologize for the downtime we had to do some house cleaning.

As you probably heard and seen by now, the new 2016 Godzilla has been revealed. In Japan, the movie is officially titled Shin Gojira, aka New Godzilla, Revival Godzilla, Death Godzilla, or perhaps, the True Godzilla. The Japanese word for "Shin" can take form of many meanings in Japanese so it was a very interesting title that they chose. For the English title, the movie is officially called Godzilla Resurgence. As you look at the poster, you will see this Godzilla is quite different. He shares a lot of resemblene with the original 1954 Godzilla but you can see his open flesh wounds, scars, burnt skin, just like a burnt victim survivor. Even his arms and hands are melted to the bone... With the makers of Evagelion and Attack on Titan working on this film, I can see a lot of resemblence from the damaged EVA unit as well as the flesh and bones of the Clossal Titan.

The spines appear to be the classic design which is nice. Eyes are tiny, and the mouth is wide showing off lots of shark like teeth. Reminds me of the Shinagami from Deathnote. Earlier a few days ago leaked photos of the large "3 person" suit was revealed. This suit is not pretty on the eyes.... kids might even have nightmares. ****Spoilers / Rumors now so stop reading... **** Godzilla will have 3 forms in the movie with the last form being the Godzilla that we are use to and love. If this is true, I like the idea of Godzilla regenerating from whatever happend to him. Some rumors are this is a direct sequel to the original 1954 film and Godzilla is regenerating from being killed off by the Oxegen Destroyer. Others like myself think this is a reboot and all the damage caused on Godzilla is from all the nuclear bomb testings. The film makers made the suit extra large investing money in the minatures. Godzilla will be a mix of suit and CGI similar to the live action Attack on Titan movie (which I have yet to see). Scroll down below to see more photos of the new design. We believe this is his first form.


Additional Godzilla 2016 news.


Three actors have been announced. Thanks for Gormaru Island for the translation. Gormaru Island: Shin Gojira Cast Announcement/Plot Sample/ Shin Gojira IS THE OFFICIAL TITLE *Translations!!*

10400781 1705472569685236 2714045532323941277 n

"Shin Goijra" Plot Samples: The story takes place in modern day Japan that is attacked, and the United States are involved within the chaos. Hiromi Hasegawa is our male lead character. Hasegawa is an honest and staight-forward kind of guy, leading as the male lead for the movie. Yutaka Takenouchi plays the roles of government officials within an attacked modern day Japan. Takeno states that the 29th Godzilla film, like the 1954 film will be one of the strongest Godzilla films within the series. Satomi Ishihara plays a US Agent, and the heroine in the movie when swept into the madness.

GODZILLA(2014) has set the height bar at 108 meters, Shin Gojira is expected to exceed that into becoming the largest incarnation of Godzilla. Executive producer Yamauchi confirms that "Shin Gojira" IS the official movie title.Behind the title of "Shin Gojira", as the title indicates, "Shin Gojira" is meant to be an expression of resurrecting the true Godzilla. As this Godzilla will put the fearful "God" rightly in its name. Anno however states that Shin Gojira also has a variety of meanings, feelings that they invested into the icon and film. Apparently Shin Gojira started Production since August 10th, shooting in the Kanato suburbs, and plans to end in October. The decision to join Shin Gojira was seemingly a nervous choice, they felt intense pressure given how big of an icon Godzilla is. But upon reading the script, the cast decided to join. Ishihara apparently shed tears while reading it at home. To her though, the pressure is greater weighed on her because as the heroine of a Godzilla film, she feels greatly responsible in delivering her best. Shin Gojira will release Summer 2016.


The following 4 photos are courtesy of Scott Signorelli.

10259854 1705472283018598 1850224192092741379 n1919216 1705472293018597 4439908664887345602 n11051989 1705472306351929 7134553732427827646 o11214308 1705472323018594 985648663136315595 n10374938 1705472593018567 4853348103221561807 n11204948 1705472579685235 4381372357194989945 n
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The ABC's of Trendmasters: Manda & Kamacuras

Manda Design Cover

Hello, again!  Wow!  It has been a while since I posted.  It has also been a while since I cleaned out the boards.  Man, that is a lot of spam!

Anyway, on to the main event!  As many of you know, I'm something of a Trendmasters fetishist fanboy.  I've always wanted to share my love of this brand and these figures with everyone by posting all I have available.  This stems from the utter lack of Trendmasters information and photos available while I was hunting down the rare 10" Biollante and beyond.

Sadly, I am also increadibly lazy.  So I have been hoping to release some design sheets from Trendmasters when a system to view them was implemented on the site, but have yet to begin the reader system, here.

I was informed that someone was selling copies of these design sheets on eBay, copies that may have been printed from my own scans.  That doesn't sit well with me, but I have no one to blame but myself for delaying the wide release of these for years, now.

With this series of articles, I hope to give you all some insight into the inner workings of the Trendmaster design process.  For instance, why the hell did the TM guys call these design packets "ABC's"?  The answer comes from a different time: "Design packets sound too gay!"  And thus, ABC's stuck from 1993 on through the rest of Trendmaster's life.

For this first round of releases, I'd like to present Manda and Kamacuras: two figures that never saw release.  Although, Kamacuras seems to have made it to resin form for the 1996 Toy Fair as part of the ill-fated Doom Island lineup.

TMDesign-Kamacuras sm4inch-Kamacuras

So, here they are, ready for you do download and share for absolutely free.  Please spread the good word and keep this information in the open for everyone.  I will post more packets, soon.  Sorry for the long delay.

Godzilla's 61st Birthday, Shin-Godzilla 2016, Godzilla vs King Kong in 2020

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Today marks the 61st anniversary of the original Godzilla film as he step foot ashore to theaters and became a global icon. At the Godzilla hotel in Shinjuku, there are some celebrations going on to celebrate Godzilla's special day followed by movie screenings. The Heisei Godzilla promotional suit along with the Kiryu Goji (GXMG 2002 suit) Promotional suit, and the original Millenium Godzilla suit made appearances. From the limited amount of photos, some other Kaiju suits & props were on display. It also appears that the 1992 Mothra twins (Cosmos) stopped by to give Godzilla flowers.  Art by Shinji Nishikawa and Photos from Gomaru Island. 

12109192 1718434798385597 5722622794299155009 n12195852 1718440385051705 2149733197556348196 n


Other news: The new Japanese Godzilla movie for 2016 has begun filming and they are seeking lots of extras in Japan. The film will be titled Shin-Gojira. Shin has several meanings in Japanese. The Evagelion and Attack on Titan Live Action team chose to keep the title in Katakana instead of a Kanji characters to give it to the audience to decide the meaning of shin. To me, I feel it means new or revival.

Legendary has announced that Godzilla vs Kong will be the official title to their 2020 film. Who would have thought there will be a rematch between these 2 movie monsters. The only issue fans are seeing with this film is the size difference. Godzilla is around 300ft while Kong is 30ft. Legendary's new Kong will need to bumped up in size. 

Source: Legendary.com
Image credits to the artist, unknown. 

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Anime Boston 2015: GFANS WE DID IT!

G-Fans we did it! Nakajima and Takarada will be coming to Anime Boston!!! While we couldn't get all 3 Godzillas this time, this is definitely a huge step in the right direction to make the way for more Toku guests in the near future. Thanks for your support and see you there!

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Kaiju Vs Mecha themed Anime Boston Convention for 2015!

Hey guys, how cool would it be to see the Godzilla suit actors at Anime Boston, the largest Anime Convention in the Northeast? Please show your support by sharing the Facebook post below with your Anime/Kaiju/Mecha Fan friends and family in the Northeast. Please also help by liking and commenting on why you it would be important to invite the Godzilla suit actors as guests to the Kaiju vs Mecha themed convention? Thank you! -GForever

GForever Anime Boston banner




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Toho's Godzilla returns in 2016!

10847187 1512661878990873 3684805526299078037 oShocking news was announced over the weekend. Seeing the global popularity of Godzilla has increased from the 2014 Hollywood film, several Toho staff had been meeting for the past few months in what has been called Goji-Con (aka Godzilla Conferences) and just yesterday, Toho gives the green light to produce a new Godzilla movie separate from the Legendary universe. This will be the first Japanese Godzilla movie in 12 years since Godzilla Final Wars. Producting will start in summer of 2015 and the new film is expected to be released in 2016, 2 years before Legendary's 2018 sequel. To further stir up confidence, Toho proclaims that"The time has come to make a film that will not bow down to the Hollywood film". This is exciting news and hopefully they will have enough creative minds and funding to back up this statement. How do you feel with the Japanese Godzilla's return? Jump into the discussion board and share your feelings.

10858480 742840295795071 614245243850794269 n

NOTE: I have been super busy with graduate school so wanted to appologize for the lack of updates.  Please check out our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/gforever 

10854880 1512661915657536 1858116511280558294 o

Source: Official Godzilla website: http://godzilla.jp/news/1029/
Official Godzilla Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/godzilla.jp
August Ragone's blog: http://www.augustragone.blogspot.com/2014/12/the-japanese-godzilla-will-rise-again.html
Anime News Network: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-12-07/toho-makes-1st-japanese-godzilla-film-in-12-years/.81876

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Godzilla Summit @ Chiller Theater in New Jersey!

GF chiller
If you're in the East Coast, you don't want to miss this first ever special G-5 Godzilla Summit Event at Chiller Theater from October 24 - 26, 2014. All three Godzillas, suit actors Haruo Nakajima (Showa Godzilla), Kenpachiro Satsuma (Heisei Godzilla), and Tsutomu Kitagawa (Millenium Godzilla) will be in the house along with two of the world's greatest Sci-Fi artists, Shinji Nishikawa and Bob Eggleton plus yours truly (Andrew Wong aka GForever) will be in attendance as well on Saturday. See you there! For tickets and more info about the Chiller Theater Horror & Sci-Fi Convention, please check out their website here: www.chillertheatre.com/


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Near LA, come to Son of Monsterpalooza!

10700110 837046356313895 3421806464857240635 o

Three amazing guys will be in Burbank, Los Angeles, CA this weekend for SON OF MONSTERPALOOZA! 2 Godzillas! Ken Satsuma and Tsutomu Kitagawa! Along with amazing Artist Shinji Nishikawa on his first con appearance here! If you are in the area, come meet these awesome fellas!
For more info, please check out the Monsterpalooza website!

10347616 10152377060201134 3334790463952633589 n10496146 10152372691941134 46509442972883979 o

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Bandai USA 6.5" Godzilla 2014, SHMA Mecha-King Ghidorah, 24K Gold Godzilla, Toynami Shogun Godzilla'64, NECA Otachi and Godzilla'84 reveal plus Diamond Minimates update

10481651 10152348510728800 3073892433632699193 o

10540418 264281107103215 7013607775855937784 nBeen a little behind on the toy news but this year is quite the year to add to your collection. First up (possible leak), Bandai USA has a new Godzilla 2014 vinyl in the 6.5 series. My source mentions a mystery monster is in the works if approval goes through. *Cough Muto? cough * Release date is said to be September 2014. 

Not from my childhood but those from the 70s / 80s will re-live their childhood with Toynami's MosuGoji update on the classic Shogun Warriors Godzilla. It contains the shooting fists and I assume the tongue/fire effect. 

Mecha-King Ghidorah joins the S.H. MonsterArts line in February 2015 and he is looking spectacular! MKG is one of the last Heisei kaijus left in the Heisei universe. Will Rose Biollante, regular Rodan, Godzillasaurus, Baby Godzilla, and the Dorats see the day of light? Only time can tell but I'm ready for a SHMA Orga and Megaguirus.

Got 1.5 million to spare? Celebrating 60 years of Godzilla comes this 24K gold Godzilla. What an amazing piece. It appears to be the X-Plus 25cm Godzilla 1989 figure however this has not been confirmed.

NECA reveals their Godzilla 1984, Scaler figure, and the packaging for Godzilla 1994. The packaging appears to be using the 1954 Bandai USA figure which is rather odd than using a photo of the original Godzilla. Now on to the 1984 Godzilla... what the heck happened!? Whoever at NECA and Toho who approved this sculpt should be fired.... It looks nothing like Godzilla... Such a disappointment on an highly anticipated release from fans. 

10556445 811362475554576 8841899076896023913 n

However it looks like NECA redeems themselves with their new Otachi figure coming in November 2014. This figure nails all the details of the highly sought after Kaiju which for some reason did not get any figure or statue representation til now. NECA also an 18" Cherno Alpha, a new 18" Gypsy Danger with plasma cannon, non Battle Damage Knifehead, plus Jaegars and Kaijus from the opening sequence from the movie at SDCC.

Diamond also has added Jet Jaguar, Mecha Godzilla, and Hedorah to their Minimates box set. Looks like Godzilla gets a blue flame and is black instead of green. 


10405290 10104840827235290 8817117827763861514 n10516651 264281117103214 7814743662513020000 n1518975 337846743035988 8625089864453899179 o10523669 10152503139316858 395029246904725364 n10527828 10152503139301858 1269152690036646343 n10552553 10152503139306858 1375183273060418497 n10444635 505743669558927 3324820496112646822 n
10468424 337834676370528 5628389561390758517 o10348763 811362922221198 9187966819931687255 o
10506654 337834673037195 3010130976775078612 o10473464 337834669703862 7857787655447303297 n

Sources: Importing Monsters
Matt Frank's Page
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Todd Cheezyspam Strickland on Godzilla 2014 Merchandise Group