Godzilla Resurgence, Shin Godzilla revealed!

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First off, for those who stopped in to the website earlier this morning, I would like to appologize for the downtime we had to do some house cleaning.

As you probably heard and seen by now, the new 2016 Godzilla has been revealed. In Japan, the movie is officially titled Shin Gojira, aka New Godzilla, Revival Godzilla, Death Godzilla, or perhaps, the True Godzilla. The Japanese word for "Shin" can take form of many meanings in Japanese so it was a very interesting title that they chose. For the English title, the movie is officially called Godzilla Resurgence. As you look at the poster, you will see this Godzilla is quite different. He shares a lot of resemblene with the original 1954 Godzilla but you can see his open flesh wounds, scars, burnt skin, just like a burnt victim survivor. Even his arms and hands are melted to the bone... With the makers of Evagelion and Attack on Titan working on this film, I can see a lot of resemblence from the damaged EVA unit as well as the flesh and bones of the Clossal Titan.

The spines appear to be the classic design which is nice. Eyes are tiny, and the mouth is wide showing off lots of shark like teeth. Reminds me of the Shinagami from Deathnote. Earlier a few days ago leaked photos of the large "3 person" suit was revealed. This suit is not pretty on the eyes.... kids might even have nightmares. ****Spoilers / Rumors now so stop reading... **** Godzilla will have 3 forms in the movie with the last form being the Godzilla that we are use to and love. If this is true, I like the idea of Godzilla regenerating from whatever happend to him. Some rumors are this is a direct sequel to the original 1954 film and Godzilla is regenerating from being killed off by the Oxegen Destroyer. Others like myself think this is a reboot and all the damage caused on Godzilla is from all the nuclear bomb testings. The film makers made the suit extra large investing money in the minatures. Godzilla will be a mix of suit and CGI similar to the live action Attack on Titan movie (which I have yet to see). Scroll down below to see more photos of the new design. We believe this is his first form.


Additional Godzilla 2016 news.


Three actors have been announced. Thanks for Gormaru Island for the translation. Gormaru Island: Shin Gojira Cast Announcement/Plot Sample/ Shin Gojira IS THE OFFICIAL TITLE *Translations!!*

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"Shin Goijra" Plot Samples: The story takes place in modern day Japan that is attacked, and the United States are involved within the chaos. Hiromi Hasegawa is our male lead character. Hasegawa is an honest and staight-forward kind of guy, leading as the male lead for the movie. Yutaka Takenouchi plays the roles of government officials within an attacked modern day Japan. Takeno states that the 29th Godzilla film, like the 1954 film will be one of the strongest Godzilla films within the series. Satomi Ishihara plays a US Agent, and the heroine in the movie when swept into the madness.

GODZILLA(2014) has set the height bar at 108 meters, Shin Gojira is expected to exceed that into becoming the largest incarnation of Godzilla. Executive producer Yamauchi confirms that "Shin Gojira" IS the official movie title.Behind the title of "Shin Gojira", as the title indicates, "Shin Gojira" is meant to be an expression of resurrecting the true Godzilla. As this Godzilla will put the fearful "God" rightly in its name. Anno however states that Shin Gojira also has a variety of meanings, feelings that they invested into the icon and film. Apparently Shin Gojira started Production since August 10th, shooting in the Kanato suburbs, and plans to end in October. The decision to join Shin Gojira was seemingly a nervous choice, they felt intense pressure given how big of an icon Godzilla is. But upon reading the script, the cast decided to join. Ishihara apparently shed tears while reading it at home. To her though, the pressure is greater weighed on her because as the heroine of a Godzilla film, she feels greatly responsible in delivering her best. Shin Gojira will release Summer 2016.


The following 4 photos are courtesy of Scott Signorelli.

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